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Cast and Crew Promote "To My Wife" in Beijing

2012-05-07 14:57:57        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "To My Wife."[Photo:]

The cast and crew of "To My Wife," including director Wang Xiaolie and actors Xu Qing, Tong Dawei, Waise Lee, Man Tat Ng and Xiao Cong, attended a film premiere press conference on Friday in Beijing, reports.

Based on a true story, "To My Wife" is about famous couple Lin Juemin and Chen Ying, played by actors Tong Dawei and Xu Qing, respectively, at the beginning of 20th century, while at the same time tells the story of a film crew shooting a movie about the couple.

"To My Wife" marks the first time that Tong and Xu have costarred together onscreen.

Xu praised her partner as a perfect man.

"He works very hard while he also takes good care of his family," Xu said. "He has set the bar for the model husband for me."

In playing two roles in the film—Qing Dynasty woman Chen Yiying and modern actress Xia Shan—Xu said, "We don't need to pursue life-and-death love, and we should have our own faith in love."

Wang Xiaolie said by making the movie he wanted to remind modern people to pursue pure love.

"No matter how beautiful and romantic the story is, we still live in the real world," Wang said. "That's why I added another plotline about a modern couple."

"To My Wife" was released nationwide on May 4.

By Ma Sicong

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