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Brigitte Lin Says No to Jay Chou's New Movie

2012-05-07 13:05:33        Chinese Films

Brigitte Lin. [Photo:]

Legendary actress Brigitte Lin has turned down an invitation from singer-turned-actor and director Jay Chou to appear in his next film, reports.

Lin made the comment while attending a fashion event along with her family members on May 4 in Hong Kong.

A previous report said Chou invited Lin to join the sequel of his piano-themed movie "Secret." But the actress told the media at the event that she declined the invitation.

Lin told media at the fashion event that she had met with Chou to discuss the film, but declined his invitation to join the cast.

"I still have an interest in acting, but there would be too much pressure for me," Lin said.

Lin is now a successful writer whose latest book "Window in the Window: Brigitte Lin's Puppetmaster" has been highly praised by her fans. The actress said she was enjoying her life as a writer and did not have plans to appear in any movies in the near future.

By Chen Nan

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