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Nominees of Taipei Film Festival Announced

2012-05-07 07:39:26        Chinese Films

The nominees for the anticipated "Taipei Awards" at this year's Taipei Film Festival were announced on May 2, Sina Entertainment reports.

A total of 40 films will compete for this year's grand prize including Doze Niu's "LOVE" and Feng Kai's "Din Tao: Leader of the Parade", both of which enjoyed outstanding performance at the box office.

Directed by Yang Ya-Che and starring Guey Lun-mei and Hsiao-chuan Chang, the film "GF.BF" has been announced as the festival's opening movie. It tells the story of three young people who struggle to navigate friendship, affection and family love.

The "Taipei Awards" include 4 categories; narrative features, documentaries, shorts and animations. The awards aim to recognize the efforts of Taiwan film producers who are new to the industry, and encourage participation from the local society.

The Taipei Film Festival will run from June 29 to July 21.

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