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"Motorway" Due to Release in Summer

2012-05-04 14:04:36        Chinese Films

Shawn Yue (L) and Anthony Wong (R) in the film.[Photo:]

The crime/action film "Motorway" will be released in Hong Kong and mainland this summer, reports.

Produced by Johnny To and directed by Pou-Soi Cheang, "Motorway" features talent from the mainland, HK and Taiwan, including Anthony Wong, Shawn Yue, Michelle Ye, Ka Tung Lam, Barbie Hsu and Guo Xiaodong.

Shawn Yue portrays a traffic cop who chases criminals in a disguised police-car, working with his colleague portrayed by Anthony Wong.

"This car-racing film will excite you," Director Pou-Soi Cheang said regarding the film. "More than that, it also includes the most classic elements of Hong Kong gangster films."

Cheang revealed that more than 50 cars were used during the filming process, "We wanted to show audiences the real car-racing life," he said. "You will see many different brands of cars in the film."

By Ma Sicong

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