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Release Date of "To Forgive" Announced

2012-05-03 16:15:45        Chinese Films

Poster of the film.[Photo:]

The upcoming film "To Forgive" will be released in mainland cinemas on June 8, reports.

Director Zhu Minjiang and lead actors Yu Xiaowei and Kar-Ying Lau attended a press conference yesterday in Beijing to reveal the film's poster and release date.

"To Forgive" is a story about a doctor, portrayed by Yu Xiaowei, who loses consciousness after a car accident and wakes up on a remote island.

Yu Xiaowei, who leads the cast, says he was attracted by the script.

"The story is well-written," Yu said. "I couldn't help finish reading it. My role is a bit complicated this time."

Following the film's screening at the 19th Beijing College Student Film Festival (BCSFF), "To Forgive" will be shown at the Festival de Cannes which opens at the end of May.

By Ma Sicong

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