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Chinese Actress Ju Ju Leads Peter Fudakowski's "Secret Sharer"

2012-04-28 17:02:26        Chinese Films

British producer Peter Fudakowski is talking with Chinese actress Ju Ju. [Photo:]

British media report that renowned British producer Peter Fudakowski's latest film "Secret Sharer," featuring up-and-coming Chinese actress Ju Ju in one of the lead roles, has wrapped up shooting in Thailand.

"Secret Sharer" is Fudakowski's directorial debut.

As a producer, he has been involved in various well-known films, including Oscar winner "Tootsie," "Hysteria," "Keeping Mum" and "Bugs!"

"Secret Sharer" tells the modern-day story of a Polish adventurer who sails to China to seek his fortune and during the journey saves a Chinese girl, played by Ju Ju, with whom he falls in love.

Ju Ju shot to stardom as an MTV host. After signing on with the famous talent agency CAA, she was featured in several international blockbusters such as "Cloud Atlas," which starred Tom Hanks and Chinese actress Zhou Xun, and "The Man with the Iron Fist" starring Russell Crowe. She also co-stared with Daniel Henney in "New Yorker @ Shanghai."

By Liu Shuai

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