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"11 Flowers" Postpones Release Date

2012-04-28 15:26:40        Chinese Films

The poster of "11 Flowers" [Photo:]

The release date of director Wang Xiaoshuai's art-house film "11 Flowers" has been postponed by a week, reports.

The announcement that the film would hit cinemas nationwide on May 18 rather than the previous scheduled release date of May 11 was made during a recent news conference at the ongoing Beijing International Film Festival.

Chen Hui, who is in charge of the film's distribution, said Wang had not yet been informed of the decision, which surprised the reporters who were present He also said Wang, who attended the film's premier ceremony in France, was on an airplane to China and could not be reached.

When asked why the release date of "11 Flowers" had been changed, Chen said those who would go to see the film were different from other cinemagoers who preferred commercial films and that the producers needed to figure out a relatively not-so-crowded release slot in the jam-packed month of May.

"If the box office revenue is affected negatively, our distributorswill take the hit." Chen said.

May will be a very competitive month at China's box offices. The Hollywood blockbuster "The Avengers" is scheduled to open on May 5. The war epic "Seediq Bale" from Taiwanese director Wei Te-Sheng will hit screens on May 10, followed by the romance film "Repeat I Love You" on May 11. Moreover, the Hollywood film "The Grey" and biographical Chinese film "Floating City" will greet audiences on May 18.

By Liu Shuai

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