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Shooting Begins on Lu Chuan's First Micro Film

2012-04-28 14:46:05        Chinese Films

Director Lu Chuan on the set of his first micro film. [Photo:]

Director Lu Chuan started shooting his first micro film "Heart•Direction" on Friday in Beijing, reports.

Lu told the media the movie was inspirited by the classic American film "The Graduate" starring Dustin Hoffman. It revolves around a young woman who must decide between two men before marrying one of them.

"The shooting progress is so comfortable for me," Lu said. "I have more freedom in creation. There is no pressure regarding box office earnings."

Lu also said he was preparing for his next project currently named "Ying Ge Li Shi." Stars from his latest costume film "The Last Supper" will appear on the new film's cast list.

In the meantime, "Heart•Direction" is one installment of the famous online video company Youku's micro-film franchise. Directors Wang Xiaoshuai and Teng Huatao and actress Hao Lei will take the helm of other movies in the series.

By Chen Nan

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