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James Cameron Talks Zhang Yimou into 3D

2012-04-26 17:17:52        Chinese Films

During his 5-day busy schedule in China, "Avatar" director James Cameron has met with Zhang Yimou, hoping to persuade the major Chinese filmmaker into doing 3D movies.

During his 5-day busy schedule in China, "Avatar" director James Cameron has met with Zhang Yimou , hoping to persuade the major Chinese filmmaker into doing 3D movies.

After the stunning opening of the second Beijing International Film Festival, James Cameron privately met with director Zhang Yimou at the Beijing home of Wendi Deng, the Chinese-born American businesswoman, and wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

"Last night, we had a great conversation with Zhang Yimou, lasting for about 2 hours, about 3D. He was very curious," Cameron said during a forum themed "Development of 3D technology" at the China National Film Museum on Tuesday.

"I found the stronger and more confident a filmmaker is, the more interested and curious they are about 3D. Because they explore all the aspects of their craft and they look for new colors to paint with. And 3D is the new color."

The Canadian director is on a mission in Beijing to promote his 3D technology among the top Chinese directors. He has been studying and developing the technology for more than 12 years and it was used in many films including his blockbusters "Avatar" and the recently converted "Titanic 3D".

Zhang Yimou said in 2010 that James Cameron was too optimistic about the future of 3D movies and 3D movies could not take the place of 2D movies for logistical and cultural reasons.

But the two film gurus appeared together on a TV show Tuesday afternoon, praising each other and their works.

Zhang Yimou said he watched "Titanic 3D" a week ago: "I was very apprehensive because this was the second time I watched it. But after the viewing, I felt Mr.Cameron is very detail-oriented, and the film was so realistically made."

The 3D re-released movie was an instant phenomenon and has raked in more than US$100 million in China alone, more than anywhere else in the world.

Zhang also said "Avatar" is unprecedented and Cameron has "a greater imagination than I do."

Cameron gushed about Zhang as well, saying his most famous film "Hero" is dreamlike. "The colors in the film are very dreamlike. You must have shown us your subconscious and dreams in the movie. Actually 'Avatar' was one of my dreams, and I promised myself I would make a film of it."

But Cameron waited 10 years to make it come true until the 3D technology had been sufficiently developed. But he didn't know if the film would be a success before its release, but he said "without taking risks, there would never be a possibility for the birth of blockbusters."

Cameron said he was looking to collaborate with Zhang Yimou: "He needs our technology to make greater films. The 3D technology will add value to his art," he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, James Cameron revealed at the 3D forum, that he and his team are trying to develop a technology called "5D", a system that can shoot a film in 2D and 3D at the same time.

The director also looked forward to promoting 3D technology among Chinese broadcasters.

"3D films and broadcasts have found an ever-increasing favor with Chinese audiences. Like other industries, China's 3D film industry has had the opportunity to stand at the forefront," said the 3D movie pioneer, while describing China's 3D film and television market as having "endless prospects."

"It's time for us to produce more high-quality TV content in 3D," said Cameron, explaining 3D can be applied to art forms such as acrobatics, ballet and even Peking Opera, a traditional Chinese opera combining music, vocal art, mime and dance.


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