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Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" Releases First Poster

2012-04-26 13:24:00        Chinese Films

Poster of Ang Lee's upcoming 3-D movie "Life of Pi" [Photo:]

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's first 3-D movie "Life of Pi" recently released its first poster, revealing the three main features: Pi, a tiger and a boat.

The bestselling book and upcoming movie tell the story of a zookeeper's son, Pi, who survives with a tiger for 227 days in a shabby boat in the ocean.

The book won the Man Booker prize in England in 2002, however, this presented many challenges for the filmmakers since the characters consist of a young boy, a tiger, a gorilla, a dog and a zebra.

Ang Lee chose first-time actor Suraj Sharma to be Pi, but the tiger is a computer-generated creature.

The movie is expected to hit cinemas on December 21.

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