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China Film Writes D-Cinema Order

2012-04-25 08:48:18        Chinese Films

A cinema in China.[Photo:]

China Film Group is to buy a further 500 digital cinema systems to keep up the pace of modernization of China's film exhibition industry.

The state-owned enterprise is buying 500 server systems from Hong Kong-based GDC Technology and a similar number of two kinds of projector from Barco.

CFG already has a joint venture with Barco to supply 500 DLP-based systems. The new order is to be delivered in stages through this year.

"We have been a Barco customer since 2002, while GDC Tech bears the distinction of being one of the first digital cinema suppliers to China. As a result, we have great confidence in their respective abilities to assist us in achieving our economic goals through successful digital cinema growth," said Cheng Yang, GM of CFG's Digital Cinema Development Initiative.

Source: Film Business Asia/by Patrick Frater

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