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Jet Li and Wen Zhang Collaborate on Enlight Pictures' Project

2012-04-24 17:01:54        Chinese Films

Enlight Pictures announced 16 new movie projects. []

Wang Changtian, President of Enlight Media. [Photo:]

Chinese megastar Jet Li will cooperate with up-and-coming actor Wen Zhang for the second time after working together in the fantasy action movie "The Sorcerer and the White Snake," reports.

The news was announced during a press conference in Beijing on April 22. The movie, currently named "Bu Er Shen Tan" is one of the 16 new movie projects of Enlight Pictures.

Hot on the heels of Huayi Brothers' 14 new movie projects, Wang Changtian, President of Enlight Media, which is the parent company of Enlight Pictures, said at the press conference that the company would release nine movies and start to film seven others this year.

Director Lu Chuan, Guan Hu, Gao Qunshu, Gordon Chan and Daniel Lee also attended the event.

Wang also mentioned that Enlight Media would adapt the classic TV drama "The Bund," which features Chow Yun-fat as a famous gangster leader, for the big screen.

By Chen Nan


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