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Ni Ni, Yang Mi are Stepping Up

2012-04-19 15:16:46        Chinese Films

Actress Yang Mi [Photo:]

Actress Yang Mi [Photo: douban]

Chinese Actress Ni Ni, who shot to stardom for her performance in director Zhang Yimou's war epic "The Flowers of War", is set to join director Jingle Ma's film "Best Actor" (Quan Tou Ying Di), playing opposite actor Feng Shaofeng, according to recent online rumors.

It has been revealed that the production company responsible for the two projects is Xing Guang, or The International Media (Group) Co., LTD.

"Both of the two films are still in negotiation with the actors. We will select those with high popularity," Song Guang, CEO of Xing Guang, told the media.

An insider familiar with the film "Best Actor" revealed that it will be set in Shanghai during the Republic of China period and tells the story of entertainment circles in which Feng portrays a little known actor who falls in love Ni Ni's character.

Regarding Barbara's "Mulan", a legendary tale about a girl disguising herself as a boy to join the army in ancient China, has locked Yang Mi in as the title character.

Song Guang stated that the company would definitely choose actors who have chemistry and who have won recognition from a wide range of viewers.

By Liu Shuai

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