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Lu Chuan Encourages Micro Film Newcomers

2012-04-19 11:32:28        Chinese Films

Lu Chuan encourages micro films newcomers. [Photo: xinhua]

The awards ceremony for the Supporting Plan of Newcomers in the Micro Film Circle was held on April 18 in Beijing. Director Lu Chuan and Zhang Yuan attended the event along with over one hundred young directors, Xinhua reports.

12 awards were announced on the night by a panel of judges including Lu Chuan, Zhang Yuan, Chief Editor of the Southern Metropolis Weekly Chen Zhaohua, screenwriter of "Under the Hawthorn Tree" Gu Xiaobai, famous writer Wang Xiaoshan, and associate professor at the Art School of Peking University Chen Yu.

The event was launched by the online video company Lu said the website offers a free platform for young people to use images and film in order to express their dreams. "The enthusiasm and courage presented by your productions impressed me a lot," Lu said spoke to the young directors who were in attendance. "I will help you to fulfill your dreams along with"

By Chen Nan

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