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Wu Ershan Creates New Language for "Painted Skin 2"

2012-04-18 14:43:18        Chinese Films

A still photo of the movie. [Photo:]

The costume fantasy movie "Painted Skin 2" is set to hit the mainland's silver screens on June 28. A batch of promotional still photos was unveiled today in the run up to its release, reports.

Director Wu Ershan has previously mentioned how he aimed to create a new world when producing the latest installment of the "Painted Skin" franchise. The movie features a love triangle storyline involving the characters portrayed by Chen Kun, Vicky Zhao and Zhou Xun, and the main plot focuses upon a war which takes place between an army led by Chen Kun's character and a country named Sirius.

In the film's promotional trailer, which was unveiled last month, famous singer Fei Xiang was featured speaking a mysterious ancient language while carrying out a ritualistic ceremony. Director Wu said he hoped to present a mysterious nation that possesses its own unique cultural and religious beliefs.

In an effort to add to the mystery of the world he attempted to create, Wu borrowed elements from the cultural systems of the Huns and China's Nomadic Peoples. As a result, actors were required to speak in a new hybrid Sanskrit language created by Wu.

Wu is known for being a fantasy fanatic and is deeply interested in magic and mysticism. Wu believes the movie will be a success at the box office as "it contains all the necessary elements required of successful commercial movies, including CGI, extreme prosthetics and an all-star cast. And most importantly, it's a fantasy costume film."

By Chen Nan

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