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"The Grandmasters" Sets its Release Date for December 18

2012-04-18 10:20:33        Chinese Films

Lastest still photo of the movie. [Photo: douban]

Famous both for his renowned filmmaking skills and measured storytelling pace, director Wang Karwai has finally set the release date for his latest action flick "The Grandmasters" after 10 years of production. The star-studded film will hit national screens on December 18, reports.

The movie features Tony Leung as the legendary Wing Chun master Yip Man. South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo plays his wife and Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zhen both play Kung Fu genre masters.

"The Grandmasters" will have fierce box office competition from the New Year holiday slot, with Jackie Chan's adventure action movie "CZ 12" fighting for its share.

By Chen Nan

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