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Jiang Wen's New Project to Begin Filming Later This Year

2012-04-16 14:06:05        Chinese Films

Director Jiang Wen [Photo:]

Ma Ke, producer of the blockbuster hit "Let the Bullets Fly", revealed yesterday that Jiang Wen's latest project is set to begin filming in the second half of this year, The Beijing Times reports. It is expected that the new film will surpass the box office record set by Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" in China.

The strong cast consists of six award-winning actors and a Hollywood star. Actor-director Jiang Wen is expected to direct and perform in the upcoming film.

The movie is not a sequel to "Let the Bullets Fly", as previous rumors had suggested. It has been said that Jiang's latest project will have more female roles compared to his action comedy hit of 2010.

However, there will be obvious similarities in style, as Ma confirmed that, "The first draft has been written by Guo Junli, one of the main screenwriters for 'Let the Bullets Fly."

Released in 2010 and directed by Jiang Wen, "Let the Bullets Fly" grossed 659 million yuan; representing a box office record for homemade films.

By Liu Shuai

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