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Jiang Wen to Attend the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

2012-04-13 15:51:37        Chinese Films

Jiang Wen had received Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award earlier. [Photo:]

Jiang Wen, the actor-director whose movie "Let the Bullets Fly" is leading the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards with 13 award nominations, has confirmed he will attend the event's awards ceremony on April 15 in Hong Kong, reports.

Beijing Bu Yi Le Hu Film Company, which was founded by Jiang and producer Ma Ke, confirmed the news.

Jiang is the first person to have received four nominations at the Hong Kong Films Awards, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Editing.

Zhou Yun, the movie's female lead, will attend the event along with photographer Zhao Fei, editor Cao Weijie and sound technician Wen Bo.

Because Jiang did not appear on the posters advertising the HKFA, which usually feature all award nominees, there was speculation that the movie's production company had a conflict with the event organizing committee.

An anonymous employee at Beijing Bu Yi Le Hu Film Company told the media that the schedule to attend the event had been drawn up a "long time ago." The person also said that being nominated for awards in 13 categories was a huge honor, and Jiiang would "support the awards."

Jiang recently won three statuettes at the China Film Directors' Guild Awards. According the production company employee, the director also will meet with some A-list Hong Kong actors during his trip to discuss his next project.

By Chen Nan

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