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Gao Yuanyuan, Jiang Wen to Attend the Hong Kong Film Awards

2012-04-12 16:25:26        Chinese Films

Mainland director/actor Jiang Wen [Photo: douban]

Actress Gao Yuanyuan [Photo: douban]

The award ceremony for the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards will be held on April 15, but the guest list is still in the works.

According to Hong Kong media reports, actress Cecilia Cheung who divorced her husband, popular star Nicholas Tse, earlier this year will not make an appearance on this year's film extravaganza in an effort to dodge the media limelight.

It is certainly an unexpected turn of events that the most enviable couple on the red carpet at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards is now divorced.

Actress Gao Yuanyuan from the mainland seems more brave as she is confirmed for the event even though she was recently caught with her new lover Mark Chao by paparazzi in a hotel in Nanjing.

Mark Chao, a Taiwanese actor, is currently shooting actress-director Vicki Zhao's directorial debut "To our Past Youth" in Nanjing.

Renowned mainland director Jiang Wen also has been confirmed for the night, and with his new project kicking off, he intends to use the event as an opportunity to rub shoulders and look for actors to collaborate with.

Jiang's "Let the Bullets Fly" received 13 nominations for the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards.

By Liu Shuai

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