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"Buff" the Winner at HK Easter Parade

2012-04-11 08:44:45        Chinese Films

A still of "Love in the Buff".[Photo:]

The Easter holidays were good for the Hong Kong box office, and especially good for Asian films.

Overall box office increased by 11% to HK$26.7 million ($3.42 million) over the four day (6-9 April) period, according to data from the Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd (MPIA). That compares with HK$24.2 million ($3.10 million) last year (22-25 April 2011).

Top spot was taken by local hit film "Love in the Buff", which earned HK6.56 million ($841,000) for a cumulative total of HK$22.4 million ($2.87 million). It comfortably beat Mirror Mirror with $3.95 million ($507,000) and the 3-D "Titanic" (1997) with HK$3.87 million ($496,000).

"The Hunger Games" (not shown in table below as it opened 22 March) added HK$2.74 million ($351,000), for a cumulative total at HK$17.2 million ($2.21 million) that significantly lags Love in the Buff.

Other Asian titles in the chart of films released in time for the holidays included "Mission Incredible: Adventures On The Dragon's Trail", a China-made kids animation, Sono Sion's black comedy "Guilty of Romance" and Hong Kong romantic drama "Love Actually... Sucks" (2010).



Love In The Buff; 29 Mar 2012; HK$6.56 million; HK$22.4 million

Mirror Mirror; 5 Apr 2012; HK$3.95 million; HK$5.21 million

Titanic; 4 Apr 2012; HK$3.87 million; HK$5.58 million

The Lorax; 5 Apr 2012; HK$2.74 million; HK$3.24 million

Wrath of the Titans; 29 Apr 2012; HK$2.46 million; HK$10.5 million

Man on a Ledge; 5 Apr 2012; HK$1.18 million; HK$1.47 million

Moon Castle: The Space Adventure; 4 Apr 2012; HK$313,000; HK$493,000

The Grey; 29 Mar 2012; HK$151,000; HK$1.24 million

Guilty of Romance; 5 Apr 2012; HK$79,600; HK$103,000

Love Actually... Sucks; 29 Apr 2012; HK$62,600; HK$348,000


Source: Film Business Asia/by Patrick Frater

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