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2012-04-10 11:14:25        Chinese Films

Director Pang and leading man Shawn Yue posed for the newspaper "The Bund." [Photo:]

"Love in the Buff," the Media Asia sequel to the 2010 smokers' romance "Love in a Puff" from director Pang Ho-cheung grossed in 50 million RMB (about US$ 8 million) on the mainland since it was released on March 30.

It also triumphed over Hollywood blockbuster "Hunger Games" in Hong Kong just after four days of screening.

To celebrate the movie's box office revenue, director Pang and leading man Shawn Yue posed for the newspaper "The Bund", reports.

The movie was both highly-acclaimed by local audiences and film critics alike, which is unusual for a sequel to a romantic drama. Pang aimed to tell a love story about modern young people. The leading man Shawn Yue plays a poor man with a host of shortcomings.

The director said the movie resonated with audiences because people can see themselves in the movie.

The production team is still looking forward to bigger success at the box office as the film was also released in North America on March 30 as well.

By Chen Nan

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