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First Trailer of Director Guan Hu's "Design of Death" Out

2012-04-09 16:17:29        Chinese Films

After eight years of gestation, director Guan Hu's black comedy "Design of Death" will be screened nationwide this month, reports.

The film's producers recently released the movie's first 30-second trailer, which exudes a note of fast-paced humor and gives a glimpse of the love scenes in the story of how a group of villagers design the death of an unruly young man.

"Design of Death" features a strong cast, including Huang Bo, Simon Yam, Yu Nan and Liang Jin.

Lead actor Huang Bo, who portrays the unruly man, won the Best Actor award at the 46th Golden Horse Awards in 2009 for his excellent performance in Guan Hu's "Cow."

This time, the golden duo of Guan and Huang have joined hands to give audiences an absurd, suspenseful and comedic drama on April 28.

By Liu Shuai

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