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"Design of Death" Releases Trailer

2012-04-06 13:45:43        Chinese Films

The absurd comedy "Design of Death" has released its trailer revealing the suspense story of a group of villagers who try to design the death of a well-known local hooligan, reports.

The comedy-thriller features four award-winning actors—Huang Bo, Ren Dahua, Yu Nan and Su Youpeng—who appear in a film together for the first time.

Based on the novel by Chen Tiejun, the story takes place in a remote and ancient village in southwest China where people live a traditional life. Niu Jieshi, played by Huang Bo, is a village outcast who goes against local rules. He is trapped by the villagers in a "design of death." When a doctor tries to save Niu, he discovers a surprising secret.

The trailer begins with a mysterious water burial, an ancient form of burial when the remains of the decedent are cast into a river or lake. During the ceremony, Niu Jieshi jumps into the water to save a widow who has requested that she be buried with the decedent, triggering a murderous death trap.

The film is set to hit the silver screen on April 28.

A still photo of the movie "Design of Death." [Photo:]

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