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Box Office Revenue Breaks Record in First Season 2012

2012-04-05 16:32:08        Chinese Films

"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," starring Tom Cruise,  ruled the Chinese box office charts by bagging 647 million yuan. [Photo:]

The first season for mainland box office revenue in 2012 reached 3.64 billion yuan in total, marking a new box office record for the first season ever, according to Chinese Film Newspaper and other sources.

The first three months in the Chinese film market witnessed strong performances. However, there has been an obvious warning sign that no Chinese films topped the weekly box office charts for more than 7 weeks in a row, from January 28 to March 31, with all the top four films coming out of Hollywood. Six Hollywood blockbusters took 43% of the total season box office revenue. There were no Chinese films reaching 200 million yuan.

The Best January Ever

The total revenue in January amounted to 1.489 billion yuan, up 60.8% compared to last year's figures. With 1.44 million screenings, the number of moviegoers weighed in at about 42 million, up 48.6%.

Among the films released in January was "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" starring Tom Cruise. It ruled the Chinese box office charts by bagging 647 million yuan and the film is still being screened in cinemas. Another well-performing Hollywood blockbuster is "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows", which raked in 184 million yuan.

Regarding Chinese films, comedy film "The Great Magician", featuring Leung Chiu Wai and Zhou Xun, stood out with 160 million yuan in ticket sales in January, followed by Chinese animation picture "Mission Incredible: Adventures On The Dragon's Trail", which also pocketed 160 million yuan.

The Highest Revenue-Earning Day in February

Driven by Valentine's Day, February still went well with 1.34 billion yuan in takings.

On Valentine's Day (February 14th), box office revenue reached 129 million yuan, breaking the single-day record from when Transformers 3 was screened last July to the tune of 125 million yuan.

This year's Valentine's Day slot tended to be more competitive because romance films and Hollywood blockbusters fought for attention.

Taiwan director Doze Niu's project "LOVE", which gathered a collection of celebrities such as Vicki Zhao, Fanny Shu and Ethan Ruan, was able to rake in 38.5 million yuan and 15.95 million Taiwan dollars on the same day. Another romance comedy "I Do", starring Li Bingbing and Sun Honglei, also sold about 80 million yuan in ticket stubs.

Don't forget "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol", which was still a bright star in February, taking up 34.5% of box office revenue that month.

By Liu Shuai

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