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Feng Xiaogang Speaks at Seminar at Boao Forum

2012-04-05 16:02:44        Chinese Films

Feng Xiaogang attended a seminar at Boao Forum for Asia. [Photo: CFP/CFP]

Famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang attended a seminar on Tuesday at the Boao Forum for Asia alongside well-known scholar Yu Dan and Liu Changle, chief executive and chairman of Phoenix Satellite TV, reports.

The three discussed the inheritance and innovation of culture at the Asian economic integration forum held annually in China's Hainan Province, where attendees share their thoughts on the region's most pressing issues.

Feng had previously said on his Weibo page that he would resign from his career, which caused a drop in Huayi Bros.'s stock price.

The director said at the event that he would enjoy his life rather than busy himself working on new films in the next 20 years.

"In the past 20 years, I worked for a living," Feng said. "During the process, accidentally, I achieved something. I think my mother brought me into the world to enjoy a happy life rather than a hard one. So in the next 20 years, my main work is to enjoy my life, but not to make movies."

Feng also talked about Chinese movies being screened in international film markets and told the media there was no need for Chinese filmmakers to cater to the appetites of foreign audiences.

"Frankly speaking, they don't even care about Chinese films," he said.

Feng also proposed that Chinese filmmakers should make movies that could be largely recognized by Chinese audiences.

"Once you win the approval of your people, then your work will gradually be accepted by other nations for there is no that much affectation," he said.

By Chen Nan

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