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Box Office Revenue of "Nightfall" Reaches 40 Million Yuan

2012-04-01 15:36:48        Chinese Films

Nick Cheung was spotted in a cinema to interact with movie fans. [Photo:]

Director Zhou Xianyang's crime thriller "Nightfall," starring award winners Nick Cheung and Simon Yam, has performed well at the box office over the past two weeks, raking in about 40 million yuan on the mainland and 14 million yuan in Hong Kong, according to a report from

The initial success of "Nightfall", Zhou's second project, has been praised considering that the film has had to go up against strong opposition, including Hollywood blockbuster "John Carter" and the highly-acclaimed art-house film "A Simple Life," featuring Andy Lau and Deannie Yip.

Yesterday, the film's lead actor Nick Cheung paid a surprise visit to two cinemas located in Guangzhou to express his gratitude to the movie's fans.

In the film, Nick Cheung portrays a dumb criminal. As a result, he uses writing and eye contact only to communicate with others. During his surprise visits, Cheung used some of the body language to communicate with star struck moviegoers in Guagzhou.

Nick Cheung's touching performance adds to the film's compelling storyline and in an effort to portray his character to the best of his abilities, Cheung spent 7 months losing weight for the role.

By Liu Shuai

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