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Pang and Yue Promote "Love in the Buff"

2012-03-31 14:55:43        Chinese Films

Ho-Cheung Pang and Shawn Yue during an interview.[Photo:]

Director Ho-Cheung Pang and actor Shawn Yue were spotted yesterday at "Chuang Ba" bar in Beijing to promote the romantic comedy "Love in the Buff," reports.

The bar appears in one of the scenes of the movie, which earned HKD1.11 million (US$142,900) when it debuted in Hong Kong on March 29. To date, the film has earned HKD3.32 (US$427,500) million.

The mainland-HK co-production has received praise not only from audiences but also from film critics—very unusual for a mainland-Hong Kong collaboration.

"Love in the Buff" is Ho-Cheung's sequel to his 2010 project "Love in a Puff." Pang said another follow-up was possible but it depended on the script which was still in the planning stage.

The city-to-city promotional tour has worn out the cast and crew, resulting in many of them becoming ill. Because of a fever, actress Yang Mi, who had participated in almost all of the previous promotional activities, has been absent from recent events.

Yue said the promotional tour was more exhausting than shooting the film and that he even considered giving up. But after receiving cheers and applause at every event, he said he would continue making the rounds.

"Love in the Buff" was released in mainland cinemas on March 30.

By Ma Sicong

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