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"Fairy Tale Killer" to be Released in May

2012-03-31 14:54:36        Chinese Films

Director Director Danny Pang accompanied by lead actors Lau Ching-Wan and Wang Baoqiang attended a news conference to promote his upcoming film "Fairy Tale Killer". [Photo:]

The crime thriller "Fairy Tale Killer" unveiled its promotional trailer and first poster at a news conference Thursday in Beijing, reports.

Director Danny Pang accompanied by lead actors Lau Ching-Wan and Wang Baoqiang, attended the event. The film's two leading actresses, Elanne Kwong and Man Yee-Man, were absent because of busy work schedules.

The film is the first time that the two award-winning actors Lau and Wang have worked together. Lau won the Best Actor award at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2007, and Wang was selected for the Best Actor award at 9th Vladivostok International Film Festival in 2011.

"Fairy Tale Killer" revolves around a series of cruel murder cases. In the film, Lau portrays a frustrated policeman, while Wang plays the highly intelligent criminal.

The film will be screened in cinemas nationwide in mid-May.

The promotional trailer of the crime thriller "Fairy Tale Killer" [Video courtesy of]

By Liu Shuai

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