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Talented Actress Jiang Yiyan

2012-03-31 10:17:32        Chinese Films

A photo of Jiang Yiyan [Photo:]

In 2011, talented Jiang Yiyan shot to stardom due to her versatility.

She gave audiences many surprises in the fields of film, stage opera and music over the past year.

Three stared in three films in 2011, romance film "Rest on Your Shoulder," comedy "The Pretending Lovers" and the Sino-German romance "I Phone You".

Her theater debut "July and Ansheng" (Qi Yue Yu An Sheng) in 2011 was a critical and commercial success, making waves in Chinese stage play history. Jiang Yiyan has been nominated as the burgeoning female actress of the year for the 2012 One Drama Awards for her excellent performances.

In 2012, Derek Yee's "Ghost Bullets" and Gordon Chan's "The Four" will bring Jiang to the big screen again, and Jiang Yiyan recently finished her part in director Peng Shun's "Conspirators", which is expected to be released in October.

She will also publish her first book, "Creeper's Diary", this year.

By Liu Shuai\

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