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Fifth Generation Director Zhou Xiaowen Returns with "Lost"

2012-03-31 10:10:28        Chinese Films

Director Zhou Xiaowen and actress of the movie Wang Xintong. [Photo:]

Returning to the silver screen after an absence of 12 years, fifth generation director Zhou Xiaowen is back with his latest feature film "Lost." The director attended a screening event at the China Film Archive alongside actress Wang Xintong on March 28 in Beijing, reports.

The movie revolves around a girl who gives birth to a child after being abandoned by her boyfriend. Over the course of the movie, the girl tries desperately to make money after her child is diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Zhou shared his understanding of filmmaking with audience members who attended the event. He said that four types of films prosper more so than others within the current context of the Chinese film market; namely, patriotic "red" movies, crime thrillers, action movies and romance stories. "There are few films that truly concern common people and disadvantaged groups such as women and children," Zhou said, "And I don't want to see a situation where these movies disappear altogether."

One audience member said, "I am grateful to the director. I was able to see the conscience of Chinese filmmakers in his movie. I hope he can continue to excavate the issue of humanity in his future works."

The movie has been nominated by a panel judges at the 19th Beijing College Students' Film Festival to compete in the main competition segment.

By Chen Nan

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