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Four Chinese Films to be Screened at SF Int'l Film Festival

2012-03-29 17:19:05        Chinese Films

Four Chinese films from the mainland and Hong Kong will be screened at next month's San Francisco International Film Festival, reports.

The San Francisco Film Society announced Tuesday at a news conference that the 55 edition of the film festival, which begins April 19, will feature Hong Kong director Johnny To's crime thriller "Life Without Principle," Cai Sahngjun's feature film "People Mountain People Sea," Pema Tseden's "Old Dog" and Peter Chan's drama "Wuxia."

Founded in 1957, the San Francisco International Film Festival is one of the oldest movie festivals in the world. Known for its screenings of foreign and indie films, the 15-day event will showcase 174 productions from 45 countries and regions this year. The listed films have been classified into the categories of new director, shorts programs, documentaries and world cinema.

About 200 film-related professionals will make speeches and participate in seminars. A 14-member jury panel will hand out nearly two dozen awards for cinematic excellence, including the Peter J. Owens Award, Founder's Directing Award and Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award.

The festival will open with the French film " Farewell, My Queen" and conclude with American director Ramona S. Diaz's "Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey."

By Liu Shuai

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