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First Trailer of "The Last Supper" Unveiled

2012-03-27 13:18:08        Chinese Films

The first trailer for the upcoming costume epic, "The Last Dinner", directed by Lu Chuan whose previous projects include "The City of Life and Death", was released during a press conference held in Beijing on March 26, reports.

Alongside the event, a number of conceptual character posters were also revealed.

The star-studded press conference was attended by a host of celebrities including Liu Ye, Daniel Wu, Zhang Zhen, Qin Lan, Nie Yuan, Sha Yi and Huo Siyan.
Lu Chuan revealed that he will break away from the 'conventional norm' of costume dramas, and not only try to create dazzling imagery through the use of costumes and sets. Lu also vowed that he will not set out to narrate the familiar historical story of the Banquet of Hong Men, but rather vividly showcase the elements of betrayal, self-conflict and contradiction which took place during the true course of events.

In order to guarantee that the film is accurate and compelling, shooting lasted for 8 months.

Funded by the China Film Group, Stellar Mega Films Ltd., and Emperor Motion Pictures, and regarded as the most anticipated film of the year, the film is set to hit cinemas nationwide on July 5, during the summer holiday slot.

By Liu Shuai

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