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Audience Invited to all or Nothing Supper

2012-03-27 17:09:29        Chinese Films

Director Lu Chuan [Photo: filmbusinessasia]

Chinese director LU Chuan is ramping up the promotion for his upcoming feature, The Last Supper with a major junket in Beijing today. Film Business Asia caught up with him briefly in Hong Kong last week.

Why did you decide to adapt this well-known story about the Banquet at Hongmen?

The film is actually about far more than the famous banquet [at which one warlord invited another general to dinner with the intention of assassinating him]. It is a portrayal of the whole life of the Qin Dynasty [221-206 BC] and especially the life of [general] Liu Bang and partners, his wife and entourage. I wanted to show how history repeats itself many times in China.

What are you bringing new to this ancient historical tale?

I've tried to bring a new style to Chinese historical movies. An almost sci-fi look, with flying around and immortal characters. There is no direct relevance to contemporary life, but everything has a shadow image in modern society. I cannot promise you that I've been successful and achieved it. I'm trying out all sorts of new directions — visual, cultural, make-up, performance style, language and story-telling — it is an all or nothing venture.

After City of Life And Death, set in the 20th century, you are going further back into history. What interests you here?

In China there are many topics we cannot touch openly. However, historical movies act like a cover, a camouflage, [and] obscures the director's meaning.

Are you pitching this for Cannes or a premiere at the Shanghai festival?

I'm not a director who makes films for festivals. I want to make films for my fellow people [in China] and for people worldwide. That said, festivals can be a good platform for launch. But my real interest is a commercial release.

What are you planning next?

I have to concentrate on finishing this film first. I have a very competent team helping me and don't want to disappoint them. I'll know more the day this is finished.

Source: Film Business Asia

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