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Cast and Crew of "Nightfall" Celebrate in HK

2012-03-23 10:40:45        Chinese Films

Cast and crew members of "Nightfall" attended the a celebratory party in Hong Kong to celebrate the film's box office success. [Photo:]

Director Zhou Xianyang's crime thriller "Nightfall" has performed strongly at the box office since its release on March 15 on the mainland and in Hong Kong.

To date, "Nightfall" has raked in about 30 million yuan (US$ 4.77 million) on the mainland, and is expected to take at least 10 million yuan (US$1.59 million) in Hong Kong.

Last night, a celebratory party, covered by selected media outlets, was held in Hong Kong to celebrate the film's success, reports.

Director Zhou Xianyang and script writer Chi-long To, along with lead actors Nick Cheung, Simon Yam, Janice Man and On-on Yu also appeared at the event.

Nick Cheung commented that he spent 7 months losing weight for the film. He now needs another 7 months to recover and return to his previous weight. "It was kind of a sacrifice for the film, but I don't think it was healthy. Even if I got more money for a film of the same genre, I probably wouldn't do it again," commented Cheung.

By Liu Shuai

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