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"Blood Stained Shoes" Premieres in Beijing

2012-03-19 17:26:47        Chinese Films

From left to right, Ye Xiqi, Ruby Lin, Kara Hui and Monica Mok pose for the meida.[Photo:] 

The premiere of the upcoming horror movie "Blood Stained Shoes" took place last Friday in Beijing. Director Wai Man Yip, executive producer and screen writer Manfred Wong and lead actors Ruby Lin and Kara Hui all attended the event to promote the upcoming thriller. "Blood Stained Shoes" will hit cinema screens on March 31, reports.

"Blood Stained Shoes" exhibits many classic elements of the traditional Chinese conception of horror, including female ghosts in red clothing and embroidered shoes. Manfred Wong expressed his desire to establish a new standard for Chinese horror films through his latest creation.

"This film not only contains horror but also kinship and love," Director Yip said during the premiere.

The tender and affectionate Ruby Lin plays the film's ghost; providing audiences with a uniquely different character from her previous on-screen outings. "I was touched by the story after reading the script," Lin said in response to why she chose to accept this role.

The Hong Kong Film Awards winner Kara Hui, the "Black Widow" in the movie, said she couldn't wait to see the finished product.

"Blood Stained Shoes" is set to be released on March 31.

By Ma Sicong


Special trailer of "Blood Stained Shoes".[Video Courtesy of]

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