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A Sneak Peek at Lu Chuan's "The Last Supper"

2012-03-19 16:27:29        Chinese Films

Director Lu Chuan (left) and actor Daniel Wu (right) on the set. [Photo:]

Directed by "City of Life and Death" director Lu Chuan, the star-studded epic blockbuster, "The Last Supper" finally gave movie lovers a glimpse of what to expect after unveiling a behind-the-scenes video was released last weekend, reports.

The production companies behind the movie had maintained a low key approach since the shooting first began on March 9, 2011. The film entered post-production stages five months ago.

Some reports have indicated that the movie will be released during the summer holiday time slot. Hot on the heels of this news, the first video clip of the movie was revealed on the internet.

"The Last Supper", based on the well-known story of the Hongmen Banquet, which took place in 206 B.C. was funded by China Film Group, Stellar Mega Films Ltd and Emperor Motion Pictures. The movie boasts an all-star cast including Liu Ye, Daniel Wu, Chang Chen and Qin Lan.

By Chen Nan

First video clip of "The Last Supper." [Video courtesy of]

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