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"Let the Bullets Fly" Takes 2011′s Top-Grossing Asian Film Award

2012-03-15 14:32:01        Chinese Films

Chow Yun-fat (L), Ge You (R) and Jiang Wen (Center) in the movie "Let the Bullets Fly." [Photo: douban]

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) on 8 March 2012 announced that Mainland director JIANG Wen's critically acclaimed, larger than life action comedy "Let the Bullets Fly" will receive the special award as 2011's Top Grossing Asian Film at the 6th Asian Film Awards (AFA) ceremony on 19 March 2012 in Hong Kong. Directed, written by and starring JIANG Wen as the desperado Pockmark Zhang, the film also stars CHOW Yun-fat, GE You and Carina LAU. "Let the Bullets Fly" has broken records – not only for the biggest box office of any Asian film of 2011, but as the highest grossing Chinese-language film of all time. In a little over a month, the film took 730 million yuan (approximately US$115 million).

"Let the Bullets Fly", a cowboy story set in the warlord era of China in the 1920s, has not only won popular acclaim but critical plaudits for its complexity, pace and intelligence. A tale of bandits, train robberies, conmen and six-gun shootouts, Bullets struck the perfect balance between popcorn spectacle and ingenious plot – and audiences responded in droves, making JIANG's fourth feature as director the second highest grossing film ever released in China (behind the international mega-hit Avatar), and packing out cinemas around the world thanks to phenomenal word of mouth.

"I love Let the Bullets Fly," says LI Cheuk-to, Artistic Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, the organising body of the AFA. "And I love the fact that it has been so astonishingly successful. It's a fitting reward for a film that so effectively showcases the depth of talent that exists in Asian cinema. It's proof that you can have spectacle, you can have laughs, you can have complexity and meaning too, all in one film, and have box-office success. It is a significant artistic and commercial achievement."


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