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Sneak-preview of "Love in the Buff" in Beijing

2012-03-14 15:05:53        Chinese Films

"Love in the Buff" director Pang Ho-Cheung [Photo:]

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung was spotted at Broadway Cinematheque MOMA talking to movie fans after his upcoming film Love in the Buff's sneak-preview aired in Beijing on March 13, reports.

When "Love in the Buff" was screened, the audience, including journalists, movie critics and ordinary moviegoers, went wild with applause.

"Love in the Buff," which is the first feature film from Pang Ho-Cheung made on the mainland, is a sequel to the well-received "Love in the Puff" shot by Pang in 2010.

"Wherever shooting a film, you should give your best to make a good movie and let more audiences watch it." Pang said. "The version screened in the mainland didn't get cut at all. The co-production project will also stay true to the essence of Hong Kong films."

Starring Shawn Yue, Yang Mi and Miriam Yeung, the film also collected a host of celebrities to play star-studded cameos, such as Huang Xiaoming, Ekin Cheng and Linda Wong.

The film is expected to hit mainland cinemas on March 30.

By Liu Shuai

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