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HK and Mainland Premiere of 'Nightfall'

2012-03-09 15:26:06        Chinese Films

The cast of "Nightfall".[]

Directed by Chow Hin Yeung, written by Christine To and starring Nick Cheung and Simon Yam, Hong Kong gangster film "Nightfall" premiered in Beijing on March 7. Members of the cast were in attendance to the film's Hong Kong and mainland premiere, reports.

Nightfall is Director Chow's second film, coming three years after his first production "Murderer". Chow expressed the theme of his latest movie at the premiere.

"In the guise of a gangster film, 'Nightfall' is actually about love; all I want to do is exploring the concept of humanity", Chow said.

The movie's lead actors Nick Cheung and Simon Yam were in the limelight because of their special police-criminal relationship which is exhibited in the film.

Nick Cheung plays the unwitting suspect Wang Yuanguang. To achieve the director's vision, Cheung lost nearly 10 pounds in weight prior to filming. Cheung said the role was a great challenge and urged film lovers to go see the movie.

Simon Yam portrays a policeman who tries to solve a case related to Wang Yuanguang, but ends up finding out something more important.

The film will open in theatres nationwide, in Hong Kong and on the mainland, on March 15.

Exclusive interview with Chow Hin Yeung.

Q: The two films you have directed are impressively self-branded, are there any directors who have greatly influenced you? Can you name one?

A: I studied film at college so I got to watch many different kinds of films. David Fincher is a great director.

Q: The ending to your previous film "Murderer" leaves viewers in suspense. Is there a possibility for a sequel in the future?

A: I think not. In my opinion, the film has ended. It received positive feedback in Hong Kong; so many people have asked me the same question. I spent three years preparing for "Nightfall", "Murderer" is finished for me.

Q: The ending of "Nightfall" has surprised many viewers, what is your opinion on this?

A: That's what I wanted to see. All you see before the ending is a set-up. But my biggest fear is that the trailer may be a bit too bloody and violent for female viewers, and they might be put off from coming to see the movie in the cinemas.

Written and interviewed by Ma Sicong

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