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Still photos of "A Crazy Single Mom" Unveiled

2012-03-09 14:47:48        Chinese Films

Actress Mei Ting in "A Crazy Single Mom" [Photo:]

Renowned South Korean director Byungki An, whose credits include the classic "Bunshinsaba," is directing his first Chinese thriller film, reports.

After a year of shooting in secret, the first collection of still photos featuring lead actress Mei Ting, who portrays a single mother with a mental disability, have been released.

"Wherever you are, choosing the right female actress is key to a good quality horror film," Byungki said. "Cooperating with such an excellent actress as Mei Ting, I feel very honored. When I first saw her, I knew the role of the lead actress in my Chinese debut belonged to her."

Mei, who had not acted in any thrillers previously, said she accepted the role because of Byungki's reputation as a director and her film character's inner conflicts and feelings which she had rarely experienced in other roles.

"A Crazy Single Mom" ("Bi Xian") is expected to hit cinemas nationwide during the first half year of 2012.

By Liu Shuai

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