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Film Bureau Advocates Movie Ticket Price Reductions

2012-03-08 10:40:02        Chinese Films

File photo of La Peikang, Deputy Director General of the Film Bureau. [Photo:]

An official from the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said on March 7th that the organization would support a reduction in movie ticket prices in China, reports.

"We agree that movie ticket prices should drop to an acceptable range for our audiences," said La Peikang, Deputy Director General of the Film Bureau. He added that there was a significant difference between listed ticket prices and discounted prices.

"For example, one ticket might be labeled 100 yuan, but you can buy it at a much cheaper price through group purchases, so we hope the prices can be more reasonable and acceptable for all audiences," he said.

La also said the Film Bureau would not impose ticket price controls on cinemas.

"Ticket prices should be decided by the market," he said. "The prices should be acceptable for audiences and the cinemas."

In the meantime, the Film Bureau has created a warning system to punish those who fail to disclose their box office revenue or report wrong data.

"There is a red card-yellow card warning system," La said. "If this doesn't work, we will consider withdrawing their license."

By Chen Nan

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