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Lead Actors Promote "Love Lifting" in Beijing

2012-03-06 18:10:36        Chinese Films

Lead actors Chapman To and Elanne Kwong.[]

The upcoming film "Love Lifting" premiered yesterday in Beijing with lead actors Chapman To and Elanne Kwong in attendance, reports.

"Love Lifting" tells the story of a couple, Shi Yong and Li Li, who help each other get over some difficulties and finally make their dreams come true.

Shi Yong, portrayed by Chapman To, is a model husband who devotes himself to and supports his wife. As a tribute to his dedication, the film's production company awarded To a certificate of merit.

To said the film moved him greatly.

"I have performed this role from deep in my heart this time," To said as he praised the script as rare for its sincerity.

Li Li, a former weightlifter who gives up her career because of diabetes, works as a porter.Her life changes after she meets Shi Yong. Encouraged by him, Li Li reignites her love of weightlifting and makes a huge career comeback.

Kwong, who plays Li Li, said the film was not only a comedy but also a touching and inspiring story that made her cry during the shooting.

"Love Lifting" will be screened in mainland cinemas on March 8, going up against "A Simple Life," "The Locked Door" and "The Second Woman."

By Ma Sicong

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