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[Exclusive Interview]A Passionate Young Filmmaker: Daniel Van Wart from Phildelphia

2011-09-28 14:46:04        Chinese Films

Daniel Van Wart talks to CRI reporter at the First Youth Film Festival in Xining on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. [Photo:]

The FIRST Youth Film Festival in Xining aims to provide a platform for young filmmakers and directors from all over the world.

American filmmaker Daniel Van Wart from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of them.

He brought his work "Controlled Burn" about an elderly married couple to the festival. The husband in the movie has Alzheimer 's disease, and his caretaker wife has to face hard choices about his future.

When asked what motivated him to make the movie, Van Wart said the film was an adaptation of a story written by his late father.

"After his death, I thought I was compelled to keep his work alive," Van Wart said. "And this story gave me an opportunity to collaborate with him on his work and also to create a work of film of my own, even though he is no longer physically present. So that was my initial motivation—to tell this written story in a visual way."

Van Wart also expressed a desire to collaborate with some Chinese film companies on future projects. Although he does not speak Mandarin, Van Wart is still interested in finding a way to distribute his films in China, so more Chinese can watch his works.

When comparing films made in Hollywood with those made in China, Van Wart said his favorite film was Karwei Wong's award-winner "In the Mood for Love." He believes China is producing many outstanding films, while Hollywood contends with its own problems. He emphasized the need to find filmmakers who have a very strong voice and vision as well as passion for filmmaking.

Many young people like Van Wart who are full of passion for filmmaking are participating in and attending the 4-day festival. Most are independent thinkers whose works reflect both the harsh side of life as well as its joys.

By Liu Shuai

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