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In Memory of Bruce Lee

2012-02-28 15:10:59        Chinese Films

The movie will hit national screens on March 2nd. [Photo:]

Bruce Lee's Kung Fu skills and his masterful ability with Nunchucks are world-renowned. In memory of the legendary figure of Chinese Kung Fu cinema, the action flick "Nunchaku" is set to be released on March 2, reports.

A press conference was held on February 27 in Beijing to announce the news. Director, Cheng Tianxing, and stunt choreographer, Sang Lin were both spotted at the event alongside other members of the film's cast.

Chen told the media in attendance that Bruce Lee is his spiritual mentor and that he had planned to make a movie about nunchucks since 2006.

Stunt choreographer Sang Lin was on task for Jason Statham's action movie "The Transporter." He is currently working on the production team of Feng Xiaogang's new project "1942."

The film "Nunchaku" has already picked up the Grand Organizing Committee Award at the Fifth Cologne International Film Festival.

A promotional trailer for the movie was also released during the press conference.

By Chen Nan

Promotional trailer of the movie. [Video courtesy of]

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