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'The Second Woman' Sets Release Date for Mainland

2012-02-10 14:18:03        Chinese Films

The newly released poster of "The Second Woman" [Photo:]

The romance thriller "The Second Woman" is set to hit mainland silver screens on March 8, reports.

The film recently released its promotional trailer to the public.

Directed by female director Carol Lai and produced by Gordon Chan who also comes from Hong Kong, the film stars Hsu Chi, Shawn Yue, Chen Shu and Xi Meijuan.

In the film, actress Hsu portrays two roles: twin sisters with divergent personalities.

When talking the acting process for "The Second Woman", Hsu Chi simply described it with one word: 'tiring.' "It's extremely crazy. Something fights in my mind. It is more like a mental breakdown. "

"The Second Woman" will screen in the "Friends" section of Osaka Asian Film Festival (9-18 Mar 2012) in Japan.

The 30-second trailer of "The Second Woman" [Video courtesy of]

By Liu Shuai

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