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'Viral Factor' Succeeds in North America

2012-02-02 14:24:20        Chinese Films

Poster of "The Viral Factor" [Photo:]

The gunfight blockbuster "The Viral Factor" has swept the mainland box office chart by grossing 130 million yuan (US$20.6 million) during its second-week screening.

Hot on the heel of the news, China Lion Film Distribution, which is responsible for the movie's copyright in North America, announced that "The Viral Factor" was currently in fourth place on the non-studio films' box office chart at the region, report.

According to a Variety magazine report, among 20 non-studio films that were released in North America during the fourth week of 2012, "The Viral Factor" was the only Chinese-language movie to be included in the top five films in terms of box office revenue.

The movie was released in North America on January 20, three days after it was screened in China. Its earnings quickly soared to the top spot after its first day of screening in Los Angles and Vancouver.

"The Viral Factor" is the first movie in which Nicolas Tse and Jay Chou have worked together. Both actors have received praise for their performances in the film.

In the movie, pop king Chou portrays a former FBI agent who is dying of a gunshot wound on his head. Tse, winner of the Best Actor award at last year's Hong Kong Film Festival, plays his gangster brother. The two are torn between justice and kinship.

By Chen Nan

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