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Elopement Rumors Fought in Court

2011-12-27 15:59:17        China Daily

Fan Bingbing sues the Daily News, which is owned by Tianjin Daily, for a report alleging she had an affair with actor Wang Xueqi. [Photo:]

The 30-year-old actress Fan Bingbing went to court this week to battle claims that she eloped with the 65-year-old actor Wang Xueqi, and she appears to be winning the war.

She is suing the Daily News newspaper, owned by Tianjin Daily, and a reporter for 2 million yuan ($315,528) in Beijing in a case that opened on Tuesday.

Fan was livid over a May newspaper report that she had taken up with a man more than twice her age and was preparing to marry him. At the time, she called the article a "brainless joke".

The reporter who posted the story claimed it was based on inside information and actually was intended to bust the elopement myth.

Fan didn't show up in court on Tuesday, and the reporter claimed that he would protect his source and refused to reveal the insider's name.

Both sides agreed to mediation after the hearing. Fan's agent said she would lower the compensation figure, if the newspaper makes a sincere apology.

Celebrity Sauce is thinking: It's no surprise Wang Xueqi didn't sue, as the vicious rumor was probably good for his reputation.

Chyi Chin was one of two singers looking forward to making a comeback this week. The Taiwan singer was at home in Beijing and undergoing a spot of traditional Chinese medicine cupping, when a mistake by the therapist caused alcohol to spill over the star's prostrate body, and ignite.

He suffered second-degree burns to his face and back in the September accident, and has had treatment in both China and the United States.

"I'm back! I've fully recovered. See you on Dec 31," the 50-year-old writes on his micro blog. He is obviously hoping for a clean bill of health in the New Year.

"His face is OK now, but his back still bears scars from the burns," his agent says.

Nightingale Yang Yuying will also make a comeback in the near future, after taking a break from the stage for 11 years.

Once one of the mainland's most popular singers, Yang is now 40 but shows few signs of aging. The "Queen of Sweet Songs" has signed on for a TV gala in Guangdong province that will take place on Jan 22.

On the other hand, there is a singer who appears to be heading toward early retirement. Wu Chun, formerly of the boy band Fahrenheit, recently conducted an interview in which he said that he would give up his career for the right girl.

He said on Taiwan talk show Shen Chun Hua Life Show that love was his top priority. He adds it is not easy to maintain a relationship under the ever-watchful gaze of the paparazzi, which is why he would consider quitting showbiz.

"I'm the kind of person who thinks deeply when it comes to a relationship," he says.

"If there's the right person, then I'll think about marriage. But then what would happen to my career?"

Poor Wu is referring to the fact that boy band pop stars attract young female interest but can't be seen to have a girlfriend in case they lose their popularity. It's called the "pop paradox".

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