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Intense Final Trailer of 'The Viral Factor'

2011-12-01 13:48:17        Chinese Films

(L-R) Director Dante Lam, producer Su Zhihong, singer and actor Jay Chou, actresses Lin Peng and Bai Bing. [Photo:]

A press conference was held on Nov 31, 2011 in Beijing for the upcoming release of the final trailer of "The Viral Factor". Director Dante Lam was present at the event and was accompanied by lead actors Jay Chou, Lin Peng and Bai Bing, according to a report on

In a previous interview, the director had revealed that "In the final trailer, I'll show you how we spent 200 million RMB (around $3.14 m) on this movie." Based on the video that was screened during the event, Lam fulfilled his promise to the fans.

The movie featured lots of gunfire, action and explosions with the majority of the fight scenes shot in Jordan and Malaysia.

Actress Lin Peng revealed at the event that the political situation in Jordan was one of unrest, "Sometimes when we worked on the set, there were real armed conflicts going on outside. This will be the most impressive working experience of my life."

A number of reporters spoke highly of the trailer after viewing it, with one stating that "the movie has the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster."

"The Viral Factor" is due to hit national cinema screens on January 19, 2012.

By Chen Nan                       

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