New Dragon Inn


You are the Apple of My Eye

The Great Magician

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

The Flowers of War

White Vengeance

East Meets West 2011

Wu Xia

The Piano in a Factory

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

A Beautiful Life

Till Death Do Us Part

The Lost Bladesman

The Warring States

Exclusive Interview with 'The Tourist' Director

CRI Exclusive: Interview with Michel Gondry, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou

First Poster of 'If You Are the One 2' Released

"The Stool Pigeon" Press Conference in Beijing

Comedy 'Jade and the Pearl' Premieres in HK

"Aftershock" Premieres in Hong Kong

Barbie Hsu and Richie Jen's New Film to Release on August 19

China's First Mutated-Creature Film Due out Aug. 6

New Trailer of "The Fantastic Water Babes" Released

"Illusion Apartment" Debuts June 4th

Louis Koo vs. Daniel Wu in 'Triple Tap'

"Go Lala Go's" Premiere Ceremony to Air on CCTV6

Trailer of "Ip Man 2" Released

Echoes of the Rainbow

Cast of "Ocean Heaven" Attend Autism Awareness Day Event in Beijing

"Macau 1949" Launches on April 2

Alec Su and Yan Danchen in "The Four Cupids"

"Lan" to Debut in Early April

"Ballistic" Releases Mainland Version of Poster

'East Wind, Rain'

"Fire of Conscience" Tells Story of Lovers Separated in Life and Death

Upcoming Film: "Just Another Pandora's Box"

'The Double Life' Premieres on April 8th

The Upcoming Film "Amor" Releases Its Poster

Sun Honglei and Lin Chiling Become Quarrelsome Lovers in "Welcome to Shama Town"

"A Good Rain Knows"

"Beauty On Duty" to be Released on April Fool's Day

Rose War of Na Na To be Released 5th March

Mr. Black Launches on the Big Screen in April

Future X-Cops

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

72 Tenants of Prosperity

Hot Summer Days Hits Cinemas
Late Autumn
Love in the Buff
Blood Stained Shoes
Night Fall
Marry A Perfect Man
A Simple Life
Joyful Reunion
The Second Woman
Romancing in Thin Air
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