8th Entertainment Expo to End on Sunday

2012-04-11 14:58:48        Chinese Films

The venue of the 16th Hong Kong International Film and TV Market convention (FILMART). [Photo: sina.com]

The 8th Entertainment Expo Hong Kong will draw to a close on Sunday when the ceremony for the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards is held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Beijing Morning Post reports.

Unlike previous expos, this year's event has featured micro films for the first time. While traditional movies always have been the mainstay of the film festival, micro films have become a new emerging force in the industry with more people watching movies online and many successful filmmakers making micro films. Four Asian film masters—mainland director Gu Changwei, Hong Kong director Ann Hui, Taiwanese director Cai Mingliang and South Korean director Kim Taeyong—screened their micro movie debuts at the expo.

In addition, Hong Kong gangster and crime movies have made a comeback at this year's film festival. While kung fu movies, including "The Lost Bladesman" and "Wu Xia," were left out in the cold by audiences, industry insiders said gangster movies would be the next popular movie genre in the market. Many production companies have promoted new projects at the expo, most of which are crime movies such as Johnny To's "Blind Detective," "Conspirators" starring Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung, and "Cold War" starring Kwok, Andy Lau and Tony Leung Kafai.

The expo, Asia's leading entertainment industry event, also saw the introduction of films in which production companies have focused on "culture embedding" as a crucial way to enter the mainland film market by incorporating more Chinese elements into their productions so they resonate with local audiences. Some companies had even found creative teams in Asia to write stories filled with local cultural characteristics.

The 8th Entertainment Expo Hong Kong consists of several important events, including the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), the 6th Asian Film Awards (AFA), the 16th Hong Kong International Film and TV Market convention (FILMART), the 10th Hong Kong-Asian Film Financing Forum (HKAFFF), the Digital Visual Effects Summit and the Hong Kong-Asian Music Festival (HKAMF).

By Chen Nan

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